Seven Wells Waterfall

Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh as it is called in Malay. Our most spectacular waterfall, Seven Wells is unique because it featured two areas for public. One it not too far from the bottom area with only a few meters climb and another at the top area which require some stamina before you can enjoy what the nature had provide.

View of Seven Wells Waterfall from Langkawi Cable Car.

The lower section is the main place for public to swim and picnic with families featuring some pools and high-flowing streams during the rainy season. The area is wider offering many people to be there at the same time and has toilets and changing room facilities. This area feature large waterfalls and deeper pools.

Lower section and the more popular area of the Seven Wells Waterfall, Langkawi

The top area is a must-see for those who have the stamina to climb those exhausting 600 steps to the top. At the top are natural rockslides and jacuzzi-like pools made out of smooth rocks. These pools are the reason for the name. In the rainy season, swimming in these swirling pools is great fun but the currents are strong so be careful. During dry spells, the pools become stagnant, but you can still come up here for a nice nature hike and for the staggering view of the valley.

Visitors enjoying a swim in a pool at lower section of the Seven Wells Waterfall.

There is a hiking trail at the back of the top wells. Please do not go past the barricade at the end of the pools because it is extremely dangerous. Slippery rocks might cause you to fall down the cliff.

Entrance fees : None

Parking : Car RM2

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