Eagle Square

Known as Dataran Lang in Malay, this massive eagle statue was launched by then Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad on Wednesday, 23rd October 1996. The statue was built as a new landmark in Langkawi although it is very controversial because Langkawi was already a popular tourism destination at the time. Building such statue is also against the Islamic faith held by majority of people in Langkawi and Malaysia.

Suasana petang di Dataran Lang, Langkawi

Eagles or specifically Brahminy Kite is the symbol of Langkawi. The species can be found in many places around Langkawi archipelago in the mangrove areas. In Malay language, eagles are called ‘Helang’ or ‘Lang’ in Northern dialect. The reddish brown color as the color of Brahminy Kite is called ‘Kawi’ originated from reddish brown mountain rocks called ‘Batu Kawi’. This is said to be one of the origin of the name ‘Langkawi’.

Dataran Lang sebagai ikon Langkawi

The Eagle Square is beautifully landscaped and decorated with ponds, fountain, flowers, covered terrace of souvenir shop lots and restaurants. The square is beautifully illuminated at night giving a magnificent view from afar. Restoran 1 Malaysia sit right next to the square serving local cuisines.

Pemandangan kolam dan pintu masuk ke Dataran Lang

Admission Fee : None
Tel : None
Address : Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

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