Ayer Hangat Village

Ayer Hangat is literally means ‘Hot Water’ because of the natural hot water spring. It is one of the oldest attraction in Langkawi. One unique feature of this place is the natural salt water hot spring which is very rare. Only 4 hot water springs exist around the world and this is one of them.

Hot water spring well at Ayer Hangat Cultural Complex, Langkawi

Initially the place only has hot spring wells but recently had been upgraded to feature three-tier wells, hot water Jacuzzis, ponds and fountains with garden landscape as a modern cultural complex. Included in the area is a restaurant, gift shops and a place for cultural shows.

Salt water hot spring jacuzzi at Ayer Hangat Village Langkawi

The hot spring wells are further apart and the first tier is the farthest away. It is housed under a roofed gazebo and visitors can dip their feets while relaxing under the roof. It is said that the hot salty water can cure various skin diseases.

Dipping feet in salty hot water spring in Langkawi

There’s a folklore story related to the place. According to the story, during the fight of 2 giants Mat Raya and Mat Cincang, hot water boiled for the wedding of their son and daughter got spilled. The water then flown to the place were the hot spring is now.

Opening Hours
Daily 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Last Entry at 5.00 pm

Entrance fees : None

Tel : +6.04.959.1357
Address :
Ayer Hangat Cultural Complex,
Jalan Ayer Hangat, Mukim Ayer Hangat,
07000 Langkawi

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