Temurun Waterfall

Temurun Waterfall is a three tier waterfall with shallow and wider area at the lower tier and deeper pool at the higher tier. When there’s enough rain, Temurun rivals Seven Wells as Langkawi’s most beautiful cascading waterfall. The top pool has a gorgeous 100-foot waterfall coming from over an unusual wall of black rock. The depth of the top pool can be up to 8 feet deep during rainy season and wide enough to fit a group of people at the same time. To reach the top pool visitors will need to climb about 10 meters of steps.

Top section of Temurun Waterfall features a deep pool with water flowing down rocky wall

The lower tiers are redecorated to make it suitable for family activities and kids. The pools are shallower and worthy only when there is enough rainfall. Inhabiting the waterfall area is a group of monkeys (macaques) and they are very aware of people bringing foods to the area especially in plastic bags. It is best to keep your belongings in backpacks and keep them nearby. The monkeys wouldn’t try to snatch anything else but food or something that look like food to them.

Visitors need to climb some steps to reach the top pool of Temurun Waterfall

It is considered a seasonal waterfall which is best to visit from September to December when there’s occasional rain on the island. Usually from July to August the island received heavier rainfall and it is not the best condition to visit a waterfall during heavy rain. A big caution to visitors coming during rainy season to be wary of big current of water rushing from the mountain usually right after a heavy rain. The best time is when some rain alternate with hot days making a dip in the cool waterfall a very refreshing experience. From January to early June is the driest season of the island and it is not recommended to swim in any waterfall on the island.

Lower section of Temurun Waterfall featured wider area but shallow pools.

Opening hours : Morning till 6.00 pm

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